We love having guests on our podcast. It creates growth, spices things up, & is fun all around. If you want to be a guest or would like to in the future, PLEASE reach out to us. Here are a few "reaching out" options: message our Instagram @haydensquared, message us on Facebook Messenger, email us at, text us at (573) 612-1134, leave a comment on one of our videos, text/talk to one of the hosts, or leave a voice message on our podcast distributor.


Jersy Stinson | Internalized Florida Man | SEASON 3 • EPISODE 11

Brody Light | An Interstellar Interview | SEASON 3 • EPISODE 7

Kathryn Hirtz | The Origins of Hayden Squared | SEASON 3 • EPISODE 2

Simon Wells | Season 3 Premiere | SEASON 3 • EPISODE 1

Trevor Young | Antifa? | SEASON 2 • EPISODE 9

Kyra Hawkins | The Best of All Words | SEASON 2 • EPISODE 6

Anna Covey | Atlantis Schmantis | SEASON 2 • EPISODE 1

So... do to the fact that we have deleted most of SEASON 1, because it was gross, awful, and a waste of time, we find no need to put the episode titles and numbers because you probably can't watch them anyway.

Keaton Renaud

Tyler Jones