Season 1

All of the Hayden² Talk Show Season 1 Episodes in one place! What a great season it was!

So... Corona Virus? | Hayden² Talk Show | S.1 Ep.1

Hello! Welcome to the first official Hayden² Talk Show episode! In this episode we will be discussing the Corona Virus, a movie that came out recently, the current state of the economy, and some funny facts about today! Hope you enjoy, and sorry about the lack of time stamps.

Jake Paul=Cancer??? | Hayden² Talk Show | S.1 Ep.2

The second installment of the Hayden² Talk Show. S.1 Ep.2 In this episode we have a special guest: Keaton Renaud! We discuss Trump's Impeachment and Acquittal. Hayden Renaud dives more into depth on Frozen II. Hayden Hawkins gives us a brief update on the Corona-virus and Hayden Renaud gives us a short segment on a Funny French Phrase. Then, we give Keaton a few words to explain from the Urban Dictionary. Finally, we wrap it all up with our Random Tidbits. Trump's Acquittal: 1:16 Frozen 2 Discussion: 8:41 Corona Virus (not brief, will be next time, promise!): 13:37 Funny French Phrases: 20:22 Urban Dictionary: 21:20 Random Tidbits: 25:46 Happy Birthday Megan! -The Hayden² Team

Nails Make Us Cringe | Hayden² Talk show | S.1 Ep.3

The third installment of the Hayden² Talk Show S.1 Ep.3 This episode, as you can probably tell, SUCKS! After this week we will cease making the guest segments, as they only make everything harder, and make everything sound butt turd awful. Political Politics- Antivaxers: 00:22 Movie Review- A Quiet Place: 08:55 Updates- Coronavirus: 16:17 Urban Dictionary: 17:12 Frozen II Review Cont.: 20:55 Random Tidbits: 24:50 ~Thanks~ -Hayden²

Politically Correct? | Hayden² Talk Show | S.1 Ep.4

This is the fourth episode of The Hayden² Talk Show. We know the audio is messed up again, and we will work on it! Sorry for no timestamps! Happy Birthday Mrs. Bond! ~Hayden²

Political Lightning! | Hayden² Talk Show | S.1 Ep.5

This is the fifth episode of the first season of the Hayden² Talk Show. Please do not take offense to our opinions, we only base our opinions on facts rather than a made up reality! You are entitled to whatever opinion you claim. -The Hayden² Team

Switching it Up! | Hayden² Talk Show | S.1 Ep.6

I have nothing to say. Enjoy!

COVID-19 Special Report! | Hayden² Talk Show | S.1 Ep.7

This video is much more political, having things such as a long report on the Corona Virus, as well as a segment on the democratic side of politics right about now. Returning this week is daft delicacies, as we didn't include that segment in last week's video. Below will be the order that our segments came in.Political Jargon: 00:24 Daft Delicacies: 07:05 COVID-19 Special Report: 13:45 Adolescent Analysis: 26:44 Top 5 Fruits: 29:15 Random Tidbits: 35:04

Problems, we all got em! | Hayden² Talk Show | S.1 Ep.8

The 8th installment of the Hayden² Talk Show. This episode as you all can probably tell is riddled with problems, but please put that aside, the whole quarantine thing is really getting to us. As you can also tell Hayden Hawkins was not allowed by Hayden Renaud to do a COVID-19 segment , much to his chagrin! No timestamps because I don't feel like it! Watch the whole darn thing! -The Hayden² Team

We're Content Fluid Here | Hayden ² Talk Show | S.1 Ep.9

This was a fun one, and our content varies more and more every week, straying from wacky foods, to talking about aliens and time traveling, all the way back to an interesting ASMR segment! The World's Theoreticals: 00:48 Daft Delicasies: 13:09 Corona Virus, Focus Missouri: 21:12 Testing Trends: 28:32 Random Tidbits: 34:17